Art Contest!

Assignment 6: Traveling Salesperson Art


Michael C: "Peter" / "Gliscor"

Elijah: "Crazy Cube"

Liam: "Dancing in Spring"

Anonymous: "Merry Penguin Christmas Lights"

Brady: "Vortraliestipple"

Tre Dunlap: "The Ultimate Line Form"

Julian: "Winter Sniper"

Connor: "SQUATCH"

Feldspar: "Eye of the Universe"

Kevin: "PEPE"

Dog: "Dog"

Hannah: "Eevee"

Matt L.: "Bingus"

Pat M: "Renegade Raider"

Johnnie: "RGB LED CTralie"

Emily Musgrove: "My Cat Monkey"

Zach: "The Melodic Blue Cover"

Pat R.: "Kermie"

A: "Black Widow in her Tour Web"

Matt S: "Stick Bug"

Pat T. "Minions" / "Patrick Tormey"

Tyler W: "Attack on Titan"

My art contest submission is a picture from a show I like named "attack on titan". I used 3500 points on this, Its not too clear what it is by the svg photo but I really like how the program dealt with the colors and branches/waves,